Children often feel frightened. Our designs help children to feel calm in new and unknown locations.

Light and uplifting colours have a positive effect on children´s and has a pleasant effect on their mood.

In order to normalize the intimidating medical experiences we have developed a children´s doctor themed play corner and the children can play the role of the doctor to help them feel more comfortable and safe in the situation they are experiencing.

This form of play helps the children better understand what the doctor is doing and improves their trust in medical personnel.

We are able to decorate and equip children´s departments from the entry all the way through corridors, waiting rooms, examination rooms, playrooms and rooms (to the back).


We create memorable waiting and examination rooms with entertaining play elements which are designed to be fun and attract children´s attention.

Our products have been successfully implemented in many unsupervised locations due their high quality and durability.

With photo-realistic 3D proposals we show you the exact layout of your spaces according to your needs.
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  • University Hospital Pilsen (CZ) – Complete equipment of children´s wards
  • St. Anna Children Hospital Vienna (AT) – Waiting rooms, Surgeries, Otorhinolaryngology
  • Masaryk Hospital Ústí nad Labem (CZ) – Complete equipment of children´s wards