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Sun on a rainbow pillow Rope Board
The rope boards can be used to hang children's pictures, photos or seasonal decorations. Practical display for kindergartens and children´s corners.

Rope boards can be combined according to the width of the wall. Do you need to fill in spaces such as long hallways? An ideal option in this case are rope boards type A and B - they allow for the placement of up to 64 pieces of A4 images. The practical central anchor prevents the rope from sagging.

Type C is suitable for the changing room and the classroom. Thematic decorations on both sides of the board provides a framework picture gallery. On this type of board you can hang up to 32 pieces of A4 images.

Types D and E are suitable for small rooms, the boards have narrow end anchors at one or both ends that precisely define the rope axis, but also leave more space for pictures.

Here you can find the most popular pair of rope boards,
individual components can be freely combined with each other
and complement central or end anchors.
MaterialMDF fibreboard, beech plywood, ropes
DimensionsTotal width 176 cm, height according to lenght of ropes.
Usual delivery time 6-8 weeks